Dynamic and Engaging

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Rhythm Machine Samba Sessions Hand Chimes
What do the workshops involve?
All the workshops are about participation rather than demonstration. All the children are actively involved from start to finish.
How many children at a time do the sessions accommodate?
70 36 36
How long do the sessions last?
The session typically last around an hour, but lengths are flexible, to fit your timetable, in the ranges shown below.
45-120 minutes 45-120 minutes 30-70 minutes
What ages are catered for?
F1-Y6 KS2 only F2-Y6
What actually happens in the sessions?
The children are taken through different performance pieces, usually with backing tracks, using hands, feet, sticks, plastic bottles and boomwhackers, to create sounds. Rhythm is the main focus although we do use a pentatonic scale when using the boomwhackers. The children get to experience a range of samba instruments, combining three or four at a time rhythms and following a conductor. We usually learn two or more sets of rhythms and move between different rhythm sets. We learn how to play and damp the hand chimes. We use chords and simple rhythms to produce song accompaniments. With the older children we move on to reading a simple score to play tunes and harmonies.
What space is required?
A fairly large empty space, ideally a school hall. Classrooms are sometimes used, but the children are all playing simultaneously, so need room for themselves, their instrument and a bit of room for swinging their stick, hand chime, etc.!