Music workshops, training and resources for education

Boomwhacker Chime Bar Samba Drums

Toe Tapping Music is a provider of high quality music workshops and resources, for primary and middle schools.

New for 2011

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A DVD/CD resource for use with boomwackers: Toob Trax for Key Stage 2 is a fun and engaging way to explore pitch and rhythm!

Workshops currently provided are samba drumming, hand chime and rhythm machine workshops, all of which have consistently received excellent feedback from staff in both Key stages.

We also have a number of unique resources, comprising musical Christmas nativity plays and assemblies. All of these resources are completely free to download, without the need to register any of your details.

We also offer team building sessions for teachers, as well as helping with professional development, by providing teacher training in music (INSET). These sessions are highly practical, but designed with the non musician in mind. Everything is done as a group and no-one is picked out individually, to provide a non threatening and fun environment.

We can also provide workshops for corporate events on request.